CMM 603 - Current Topics in Biomedical Sciences

Instructor’s Names: Dr. David Elliott, Dr. Samantha HarrisDr. Clark Lantz and Dr. Jean Wilson

Course Description: This course is geared towards understanding the link between current medical practice and our understanding of the underlying basic science. There will be a substantial writing component to this course. Students will attend a minimum of 10 medical rounds and prepare 10, full page write-ups that include a description of the clinical problem, the basic science relevant to the medical presentation and current basic science research into the clinical problem. Students will meet regularly with course instructors to present a case and discuss the basic science background of the case. The final exam will consist of an 8-10 page (exclusive of references) research paper that which will be a comprehensive analysis of a medical case, the basic science underlying our understanding of the disease and it treatment, and the current gaps in the basic science understanding that could inform future treatments.

Permission of the instructors is required to take this class.

Required extracurricular activities: attendance at a minimum of 10 medical rounds

Credit hours: 2

Semester Offered: Spring

Class meets: Tuesdays 9am-10:30am in LSN 452 

Course meetings:  will be arranged to fit the schedule of instructors and students

Textbook: none


Grade policies: Standard letter grades will be given. The grade will be based 1/3 on the 5 case write-ups, 1/3 on class presentations and participation and 1/3 on the final paper.