CMM 605 - Medical Immunology and Infectious Disease

Instructor’s Names: Dr. David Elliott and Dr. Lonnie Lybarger

Course Description:  This course will combine lectures from the UA medical curriculum with regular meetings with basic-science faculty to introduce students to the concepts of Medical Immunology and Infectious Disease.  Students will gain knowledge of not only basic-science aspects of these highly interrelated topics, but also medical aspects of these topics that will be valuable in guiding translational research in this general area.  This course provides a flexible learning format with less formal in-class instruction than traditional courses. Students will view course content in podcast format on their own (or with other students), and meet once per week as a class with faculty for group discussion and review of the content.

Cross-listed as:  IMB 605

Prerequisites:  CMM 504 Cell Biology of Disease, CMM 577 Principles of Cell Biology or Permission of Instructor

Credit hours: 4

Semester Offered: Fall

Course meetings:  Wednesdays 2:30-5 in TBD

Textbooks: Sherris Medical Microbiology by Ryan and Ray & Basic Immunology by Abbas, Lichtman and Pillai

Grade policies:  Standard letter grades will be given.  The grade will be based on:
  • 10% Weekly quizzes
  • 10% Class participation
  • 25% for each of two written exams
  • 30% final oral exam