Information on admissions to the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Certificate

The application deadline for Fall and Summer is March 1st.

A bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for entering the certificate program. A student may apply to the certificate program prior to receiving his/her bachelor's degree, but must have received the degree before starting the certificate program.  While it is expected that the applicant's undergraduate major normally be in the natural sciences, students with degrees in other fields who have sufficient coursework in the natural sciences will be considered. 

The certificate will require that the student complete a minimum of 12 units of credit which can include transfer credits as specified below.

Every applicant must submit scores for either the GRE or the MCAT in order to be considered for admission. 

International applicants will be considered for admission.  All applicants must meet the requirements of the Graduate College concerning proficiency in the English language. 

Concurrent enrollment in a degree program is permitted, with the exception of the Masters in Cellular and Molecular Medicine degree program.  Courses that are counted toward the requirements of the Certificate Program may be counted toward the requirements of the Masters Degree program at the discretion of the degree program. 

Up to 3 units of graduate credit may be transferred from other institutions, at the discretion of the student's advisory committee. 

Student Advising.  Students will receive advice throughout their time in the certificate program, including advice on courses for the certificate program, career choices, possible future use of the certificate, opportunities for advanced education or professional training, and employment possibilities.  Each student will be assigned a member of the Oversight Committee as primary advisor when he or she accepts admission into the certificate program.  The student's advisory committee will consist of the primary advisor and two additional faculty members who have expertise related to the student's area(s) of interest.  One of these additional faculty members must be a member of the Oversight Committee, but the other may be any University of Arizona faculty member.  The additional committee members will be chosen jointly by the student and the primary advisor.  The members of the student's advisory committee should be chosen, and the committee should meet, as soon as possible after the student enters the certificate program. 

Every student will be required to file a Program of Study form, as specified by the Graduate College. 

A student in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Certificate Program may apply to the Masters in Cellular and Molecular Medicine degree program.   This process will require completion of a standard application.