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Congratulations to             Doug Cromey!


Please join us in congratulating Doug on winning the University of Arizona Award for Excellence, presented by the Staff Advisory Council




The Histology service core laboratory is a full-service research histology lab, located in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. The lab was originally created to produce medical student teaching slides for the department's anatomy and histology courses. In 1988, the lab's scope was broadened to include researchers from all departments. Please note: this laboratory's services are for researchers affiliated with the University of Arizona. 

The laboratory is staffed by Andrea Grantham, HT (ASCP). Andrea is a certified histotechnician, who has over 30 years of experience in clinical histology and specimen quality control. Additional personnel: Doug Cromey, M.S. (supervisor).

The Histology lab is located in AHSC 4212. The laboratory has all the necessary equipment for processing tissues for paraffin embedding, for sectioning paraffin blocks, and providing a wide variety of routine and special stains.  It has a microwave for antigen retreival techniques with sections from previously fixed tissues.

The lab also has a two-headed microscope with a lighted pointer that is available for users to review their slides.  Additional microscope capabilities (including capturing color images) are described at our Microscopy Alliance facility webpage.

Costs and Turn-around Time

Histology is inexpensive when compared to other microscopy-related techniques like electron microscopy and techniques involving antibodies.  Our current price list is available on-line.



Lab Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday
Location: AHSC 4212
Phone: 626-4415
Email: histo [at] u [dot] arizona [dot] edu



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