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NOTICE: CMM Histology Lab combining into TACMASS

August 18, 2014

Users of the CMM Histology Service Lab

We want to let you know that as of September 5, the CMM Histology Core Service Lab will be combining our current services with the TACMASS shared services at the Arizona Cancer Center. Services currently being provided by the CMM facility will still be available through TACMASS. In addition, the immunohistochemical expertise available at TACMASS will further enhance the services available to campus investigators.  The integration of the CMM Histology Core into TACMASS will require that the services be offered in a single physical location.

Therefore the CMM Histology Core Service Lab at AHSC 4212 will be closed beginning September 8. 

We feel that this integration will provide more options and services for University investigators and we encourage our CMM users to send their histology service work to TACMASS. Doug Cromey (626-2824 or dcromey [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu (subject: CMM%20Histology%20%26%20TACMASS) ) will continue to be a contact person for more information.

TACMASS (UA Cancer Center, Room 3959)
626-7319 or UACC-TACMAS [at] uacc [dot] arizona [dot] edu

(Not sure where to find TACMASS?  See this UA Cancer Center 3rd floor TACMASS location map)

Other options for your histology needs include:

Anatomic Pathology (University Animal Care)
Contact using either 626-6702 or

AZ Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (CALS, Off-campus)
621-2356 or azvdl [at] ag [dot] arizona [dot] edu

Doug Cromey, on behalf of Clark Lantz, Ph.D., Associate Head, Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine


Doug Cromey
dcromey [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu (subject: Question%20re%3A%20CMM%20Histology%20lab%20merger%20with%20TACMASR)