CMM Online Courses



The Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine (CMM) offers engaging, online iCourses in a variety of formats—led by renowned College of Medicine faculty. These courses provide flexible learning opportunities with multiple starts throughout the calendar year. 


Jumpstart Your Career in the Medical Sciences 

Pre-health professional students can take advantage of our one-credit “snapshot” courses to round out their schedule while learning the basics and experiencing the culture of the College of Medicine. Our stackable one-credit course model allows you to mix-and-match, exploring the basics of different subject areas without committing to a full 3 credit workload. Examples of CMM iCourses include: 

  • Cell Biology Basics 
  • Histology: An Introduction to Pathology 
  • Embryology 
  • Immunology and Immune Pathology 
  • Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in Development in Disease 
  • Clinical Reasoning 
  • Microscopy and Imaging 

Upcoming Course Options 

We offer 5, 7.5, and 15 week courses from 1-3 credits, which commence at various times throughout each semester. Download the Course Guide below and visit, navigate to Main Campus (iCourses), and search for the Subject “CMM” to see all course options and availability. 



For questions about CMM online iCourses or how to register, please contact Kathy Ben at 520-626-2713 or