Jin H. Song, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Medicine
Research Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Research Interests: 

Oncogene activation or tumor suppressor inactivation drives malignant transformation. Combined incidence of these genetic alterations accelerate tumorigenesis, which then further develop to invasive and metastatic cancer. To understand molecular mechanism and signal transduction underlying cancer initiation, progression and drug resistance, we take advanced technologies including gene expression array, antibody array, mass spectrometry, genetically engineered animal models and cell lines, analysis of clinical specimens, and small molecule drug screening. Research focuses on : (1) Oncogene activation or tumor suppressor inactivation promotes cancer development. We are investigating molecular mechanism(s) underlying the tumorigenesis by which Pim protein kinases to accelerate this process by examining metabolic changes, protein translation, and alteration in gene expression. (2) Translational and preclinical studies using in vitro cell assays and in vivo mouse models of tumors and metastases to evaluate small molecule protein kinase inhibitors to treat metastatic human cancers. (3) Studies to elucidate the role of posttranslational modifications of protein kinases in pathogenesis and disease progression of human cancers.

Molecular Medicine Grad Program: 



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