CMM 401/501 Human Gross Anatomy

Instructor's Names:  Dr. Diana Darnell

Course Description:  This course is an intensive, dissection-based survey of the gross structure of the human body. The course is intended for upper-level undergraduates (and graduate students, 501) preparing for careers in biomedical sciences, biology teaching or anthropology. Daily labs will be student-directed opportunities for active learning and peer teaching. Exams will be both practical and written. The pace, structure and content of this course require maturity, focus and collaboration for success.  The course is open to upper-level undergraduates with instructor permission. For permission, or with other questions about the course, contact Dr. Diana Darnell

Syllabus:  The class is scheduled to meet Monday – Friday 1:00-5:00 in room 3105 COM. Laboratory session are the main learning setting, although students may opt to participate in lecture or review sessions. Lectures may highlight pertinent clinical correlates, embryology or practical applications, depending on student interest. In the lab, students will dissect a human cadaver and work with skeletal material, radiological images and cross sections to understand the architecture of the body. Students will need nitrile gloves (or nitrile and latex gloves), a lab coat or other protective clothing (incl. closed-toed shoes), eye protection, and scalpel blades as needed (#15’s, #10’s and some #20 series). Other dissection instruments will be provided. Suggested text: Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, 5th Edition.

Grading: Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E. Grades will be based upon exams, presentations and dissection: 70% exams, 30% presentations and dissection.

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*Contact Dr. Diana Darnell with course questions or for permission

Credit hours:   4 units

Semester Offered:  Summer 1 

Download: grossanatomy_flyer_2017.pdf