• Nathan Ellis, PhD

    Aberrant DNA Replication and Genomic Instability

  • Casey Romanoski, PhD

    Systems Genetics Approaches to Identify Mechanisms of Complex Diseases

  • Brett Colson, PhD

    Deciphering the Structural Basis for Muscle Contraction at the Molecular Level

  • Gus Mouneimne, PhD

    Understanding How Cytoskeletal Architecture Regulates Cancer Metastasis


    Training Our Next Leaders in Biomedical Research

  • Noel Warfel, PhD

    Modeling the Effects of Hypoxia on Cancer Cells and Tumor Angiogenesis

  • Samantha Harris, PhD

    Understanding myosin binding protein-C in health and disease

  • Greg Rogers, PhD

    Investigating Mechanisms of Genomic Integrity

  • Tom Doetschman, PhD

    Synergistic activities of TGFbeta deficiency and the gut microbiome in colon cancer.

  • Jean Wilson, PhD

    Cell biology of barrier function in inflammatory bowel diseases


Message from the Chair

The mission of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM) is to provide pre- and post-doctoral, medical and graduate education in an interdisplinary environment through research activities, to advance knowledge of biological structure as related to function and disease from the molecular level to the whole organism.


Dr. Donata Vercelli, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, published Aug. 4 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Donata Vercelli, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson, a member of the UA BIO5 Institute and Director of the Arizona Center for the Biology of Complex Diseases

Growing up on an Amish Farm Protects Children Against Asthma, UAHS Collaborative Research Shows

Barnyard Dust Offers a Clue to Stopping Asthma in Children


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