Global Dual-Degree and Microcampus Partnership

UArizona/Amrita Global Dual-Degree Program 

Cellular and Molecular Medicine 

Through an exciting Arizona Global Microcampus partnership, students at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University—one of the best research institutions in India—can participate in a dual graduate degree program featuring a combination of Cellular & Molecular Medicine courses from UArizona, along with Biotechnology, Microbiology, or Bioinformatics coursework Amrita. 

Dual-Degree Experience 

UArizona instructors collaborate with Amrita faculty to deliver UArizona Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM) courses in India. Students are required to complete a combination of shared and independently offered courses from both UArizona and Amrita in order to be dual-degree eligible. Coursework and UArizona office hours are offered in an innovative format and virtual environment—allowing Amrita students to connect with CMM faculty from across the world. 

 "I was on cloud nine the day Amrita tied up bonds with University of Arizona, knowing that it opened up doors of opportunities to uncover and explore the science of Cellular and Molecular Medicine."  
-Nishtha D., CMM Dual-Degree Student 


Amrita dual-degree students obtain fundamental knowledge of the normal structure and function of the major organs of the human body, the major types of diseases that afflict those organs, as well as opportunities, strategies, and approaches to prevent or treat such diseases. 
Research Opportunities 
In addition to expanding access to our academic programs through this global partnership with Amrita University, we are also working to provide opportunities for qualifying Amrita students to travel to Tucson, AZ to work in UArizona research labs.

Summer Internship Application 

Students interested in conducting research at the University of Arizona in the summer after completion of their Dual Degree coursework can apply for selective placement beginning in late January. This internship brings high-performing, research-focused Dual Degree Master of Science students from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University to the University of Arizona for 10 weeks of advanced in-lab experience and professional skills training. Students will be housed on the University of Arizona campus in the center of the vibrant Sonoran Desert city of Tucson. A small number of student researchers will be placed with Primary Investigators with best-fit focal areas and mentorship styles, and trainees will learn new laboratory methods and best-practices in research. Each lab will mentor student researchers through the completion of a short project.

Interested Amrita students can learn more here

The future of health care is global. 

Through University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS) worldwide Microcampus partnerships, it is our goal to address challenges in equitable accessibility of global education opportunities and to transform pedagogy to a more structured, adaptable, and student-centric experience that will increase student-faculty engagement and learning outcomes. 

Together, we can educate the next generation of global health care professionals and researchers through innovative academic programs and research collaborations.