• Dr. Donata Vercelli — Awarded $15.3M P01 grant from the NIH NIAID to study the impact of microbial exposures on the immune responses and childhood asthma across the US/Mexico border.

  • College of Medicine iCourses provide flexible, stackable learning opportunities for pre-professional students.

  • The Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Arizona is home to leaders in many areas of biomedical research.

  • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University students can participate in a joint graduate degree program featuring coursework in Cellular & Molecular Medicine from UArizona—entirely in India.


Message from the Chair

The mission of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM) is to provide pre- and post-doctoral, medical and graduate education in an interdisciplinary environment through research activities, to advance knowledge of biological structure as related to function and disease from the molecular level to the whole organism.

Recent Publications

  • Metformin: Experimental and Clinical Evidence for a Potential Role in Emphysema Treatment.
    Author(s): F. Polverino; T.David Wu; J. Rojas-Quintero; X. Wang; J. Mayo; M. Tomchaney; J. Tram; S. Packard; D. Zhang; K.H. Cleveland; E. Cordoba-Lanus; C.A. Owen; A. Fawzy; G.L. Kinney; C.P. Hersh; N.N. Hansel; K. Doubleday; M. Sauler; Y. Tesfaigzi; J.G. Ledford; C. Casanova; J. Zmijewski; J. Konhilas; P.R. Langlais; R. Schnellmann; I. Rahman; M. McCormack; B. Celli
    Date Published: 2021 May 25
    PMID: 34033525
  • Single-Cell Epigenomics and Functional Fine-Mapping of Atherosclerosis GWAS Loci.
    Author(s): T. Örd; K. Õunap; L. Stolze; R. Aherrahrou; V. Nurminen; I. Selvarajan; A. Toropainen; T. Lönnberg; E. Aavik; S. Ylä-Herttuala; M. Civelek; C.E. Romanoski; M.U. Kaikkonen
    Date Published: 2021 May 24
    PMID: 34024118
  • CAP2 is a regulator of actin pointed end dynamics and myofibrillogenesis in cardiac muscle.
    Author(s): M. Colpan; J. Iwanski; C.C. Gregorio
    Date Published: 2021 Mar 19
    PMCID: PMC7979805  PMID: 33742108
  • A high-throughput fluorescence lifetime-based assay to detect binding of myosin-binding protein C to F-actin.
    Author(s): T.A. Bunch; V.C. Lepak; K.M. Bortz; B.A. Colson
    Date Published: 2021 Mar 01
    PMCID: PMC7898471  PMID: 33600558
  • In the eye of the STORM: Tracking the myosin-binding protein C N terminus in heart muscle.
    Author(s): B.A. Colson
    Date Published: 2021 Mar 01
    PMCID: PMC7879487  PMID: 33566085

Recent News

Dr. Carol Gregorio
Dr. Carol Gregorio Named Czarina M. and Humberto S. Lopez Endowed Chair for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research
Sep 13 2021 - 11:30am

Dr. Carol Gregorio is the inaugural chair holder of the Czarina M. and Humberto S. Lopez Endowed Chair for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research.

Mouneimne Lab finds breast cancer's response to tumor stiffness may predict bone metastasis
Aug 24 2021 - 1:30pm

Adam Watson, Gus Mouneimne, and a cadre of stellar collaborators in CMM and beyond, demonstrate that the stiffness of the tumor microenvironment can persistently alter cancer cell behavior, even after dissemination to softer microenvironments, by a process termed “mechanical memory.”

Drs. Julie Ledford and Michael Johnson were awarded a $2.5M grant to study biomarkers of obstructive lung disease
Aug 5 2021 - 4:30pm

Drs. Julie Ledford and Michael Johnson were awarded a $2.5M grant to study biomarkers of obstructive lung disease.

Warfel Lab identifies new role for PIM kinases in driving tumor angiogenesis
Jul 6 2021 - 2:45pm

Work from Dr. Noel Warfel’s lab, led by recent CBIO graduate Andrea Casillas, recently published a paper in Oncogene describing a new signaling axis that promotes blood vessel growth in solid tumors.

Upcoming Events

CMM Seminar Series: Austin Conklin
Thursday 12:00pm to 1:00pm

"Inferring Genotype Specific Gene-Regulatory Networks in Endothelial Cells" 

CMM Seminar Series: Rhye Kanassatega
Thursday 12:00pm to 1:00pm

CMM Seminar Series: Dr. Michelle Ward
Thursday 12:00pm to 1:00pm