Emeritus Faculty

Professor, Emerita
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Evaluating student heart rate during lectures as a measure of engagement and teaching effectiveness.
Professor, Emeritus
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Exploring the synergistic activities of TGFbeta deficiency and the gut microbiome in colon cancer.
Assistant Professor, Emeritus

Professor, Emeritus
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Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying organ development in the vertebrate embryo.
Professor, Emeritus
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Studying the pulmonary effects following early life exposure to environmental agents relevant to the southwestern United States (arsenic and arsenic containing dusts).
Professor, Emeritus

Research has focused on: (a) the interactive role of bacterial toxins with toxicants in liver pathophysiology; (b) the role of milk-borne substances in liver development; and (c) ageing of the liver.
Professor, Emeritus

Research in this lab is focused on 3 projects. A. Regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in heart development and cancer. B. Mitochondrial transfer from stem cells to myocytes. C. Congenital heart disease from exposure to trichloroethylene.
Associate Professor, Emeritus