Helen Amerongen, PhD

Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine - (Educator Scholar Track)
Associate Department Head, Education, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Foundations Block Director
Research Interests: 

Developing curriculum for early interprofessional education of medical, nursing and pharmacy students, countering stereotypes in interprofessional learning environments by increasing role knowledge, and improving team function by teaching effective team behaviors; extending interprofessional team culture to health sciences faculty; and developing novel approaches to teaching histology and cell biology to health professions and pre-health professions students.

Molecular Medicine Grad Program: 



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LeGros TA, Amerongen HM, Cooley JH, Schloss EP. Using Learning Theory, interprofessional facilitation competencies, and behavioral indicators to evaluate facilitator training. J Interprof. Care 29:596-602 , , 2015.


Amerongen HM. Reordering Histology to Enhance Engagement. Anat Sci Educ May;4(3):176-7, , 2011.


Amerongen, H. M., J. A. Mack, J. M. Wilson, and M. R. Neutra, "Membrane domains of intestinal epithelial cells: distribution of Na+,K+-ATPase and the membrane skeleton in adult rat intestine during fetal development and after epithelial isolation.", J Cell Biol, vol. 109, issue 5, pp. 2129-38, 1989 Nov. PMCID: PMC2115838  PMID: 2553743