James Proffitt, PhD

Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine (Educator Scholar Track) (Career Track)

My research interests focus on developing and evaluating gross anatomy and embryology teaching methods that integrate donor-based and digital techniques with clinical application, including professionalism and cultural competence. I am also interested in the paleobiology and functional morphology of Neogene and modern birds in the Western United States.  

Molecular Medicine Grad Program: 



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Proffitt, J. V., J. A. Clarke, and R. P. Scofield, "Novel insights into early neuroanatomical evolution in penguins from the oldest described penguin brain endocast.", J Anat, vol. 229, issue 2, pp. 228-38, 2016 08. PMCID: PMC4948054  PMID: 26916364