Maria Czuzak, PhD

Associate Professor, Emerita
Research Interests: 

I coordinate the gross anatomy lab and teach gross anatomy and histology to medical students. I am also a member of our state and federal mass fatality disaster teams.

Apps and selected publications:

2014 “Limb Anatomy Tutor” web-based app

2013 “Formaldehyde and General Lab Safety” Video

2013 “Heart Anatomy Explorer 1” app

2012 “Anatomy Dissection Lab Videos”

2005 “Anthropology: Handedness” in Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine, ed. by J. Payne-James, R. Byard, T. Corey and C. Henderson, Elsevier Academic Press.

1999 “Scatter Versus Impact During Aircraft Crashes: Implications for Forensic Anthropologists”, L. Fulginiti, M. Czuzak, K. Taylor in Broken Bones: Anthropological Analysis of Blunt Force Trauma, ed. by Alison Galloway, Charles C. Thomas Ltd.

Molecular Medicine Grad Program: