Nathan A. Ellis, PhD

Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Scientific Director, Cancer Biology Research Program
Research Interests: 

Genomic Instability and Cancer Susceptibility

My career has been devoted to understanding the functional consequences of genetic variation in humans. I have worked in the human molecular genetics of X chromosome inactivation and Y chromosome-mediated sex determination, evolution and population genetics of human sex chromosomes, the molecular genetics of genomic instability and DNA repair. The current research focus of the laboratory is the relationship between genomic instability and cancer susceptibility. We are interested in both high-penetrance and low-penetrance cancer susceptibility alleles, the population genetics of the susceptibility alleles, and molecular mechanisms linking the alleles with disease susceptibility and carcinogenesis. The laboratory investigates two major areas:  Regulation of homologous recombination in human cells and Genetic analysis of colorectal cancer susceptibility

Molecular Medicine Grad Program: 



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