Robbert Jan Van der Pijl

Postdoctoral Research Associate II
Granzier Lab



Lindqvist, J., W. Ma, F. Li, Y. Hernandez, J. Kolb, B. Kiss, P. Tonino, R. van der Pijl, E. Karimi, H. Gong, et al., "Triggering typical nemaline myopathy with compound heterozygous nebulin mutations reveals myofilament structural changes as pathomechanism.", Nat Commun, vol. 11, issue 1, pp. 2699, 2020 Jun 01. PMID: 32483185


Brynnel, A., Y. Hernandez, B. Kiss, J. Lindqvist, M. Adler, J. Kolb, R. van der Pijl, J. Gohlke, J. Strom, J. Smith, et al., "Downsizing the molecular spring of the giant protein titin reveals that skeletal muscle titin determines passive stiffness and drives longitudinal hypertrophy.", Elife, vol. 7, 2018 12 19. PMCID: PMC6300359  PMID: 30565562