Information on admissions to the CMM MS degree program

The application period for 2023 admissions is now open through till close of business on February 15th, 2023 for either the summer or fall term, '23. The Master's Advisory committee endeavors to make all admissions decisions by the middle of March. At this time, our program does not have a Spring admission.

A bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for entering the Masters program. A student may apply to the MS program prior to receiving his/her bachelor's degree, but must have received the degree prior to starting the MS program.  

  • While it is expected that the applicant's undergraduate major normally be in the natural sciences, students with degrees in other fields who have sufficient coursework in the natural sciences will be considered. 
  • The Masters Degree requires that the student complete a minimum of 30 units of credit.

Listed below are items that are required to complete this application for admission:

  1. Personal Statement (up to 500 words) - Explain your motivation for pursuing graduate school, including your career goals after completion of the degree.  Explain why the CMM MS Program is a good match for you – specifically, explain what you expect to gain from and contribute to the program.  You may address any weaknesses and/or challenges, and how these were overcome, within the personal statement.
  2. Skills Statement (up to 200 words) - Describe the relevant skills, experiences, and/or accomplishments that demonstrate your readiness and potential for this graduate program.
  3. CV/resume - upload a copy of your curriculum vitae/resume in PDF format.
  4. The Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine requires each applicant to have a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf. 
    • Ideally, these letters should be written by professors, research or professional supervisors, etc.  that can speak about your academic and research ability.
  5. International applicants will be considered for admission.  All applicants must meet the requirements of the Graduate College concerning proficiency in the English language. Information on English proficiency tests at the University of Arizona can be found at at the UA Admissions site.

Test scores for the GRE, the MCAT, or the DAT are optional and are not required for admissions, but applicants can choose to upload test results if they like. 

The Graduate College GPA policy offers guidelines for GPA requirements as admissions decisions are based on the total application:  

  • Concurrent enrollment in another main-campus degree program is permitted.  Courses that are counted toward the requirements of another program may be counted toward the requirements of the Masters Degree program at the discretion of the degree program. 
  • The CMM Masters Program will consider allowing previous coursework to count toward the degree requirements, up to the extent permitted by the Graduate College.  The final decision about transfer credits will be made by the student's advisory committee.
  • Student Advising.  Students will receive advice throughout their time in the MS program, including advice on courses, career choices, possible future use of the MS degree, opportunities for advanced education or professional training, and employment possibilities.  Each student will be assigned a member of the Oversight Committee as their primary advisor when he or she accepts admission into the Masters program.  The student's advisory committee will consist of the primary advisor and two additional faculty members who have expertise related to the student's area(s) of interest.  The additional committee members will be chosen jointly by the student and the primary advisor.  The members of the student's advisory committee should be chosen, and the committee should meet, as soon as possible after the student enters the Masters program. 

Every student will be required to file a Plan of Study form, via GradPath as specified by the Graduate College.

The CMM Masters Program does not provide financial aid, however students may contact the UA Office of Financial Aid for assistance ( Students are responsible for all expenses related to completion of the degree requirements. 

Here are two resources, which are a good jumping off point for researching financial aid opportunities:  

The Graduate College offers a limited number of awards in the form of Grad Access Fellowships (GAF’s) - these are competitive, need-based awards for newly admitted students – learn more about the eligibility criteria here: Additionally, the Graduate College has limited Financial Hardship Funds available for domestic graduate degree-seeking students who are experiencing a catastrophic, exceptional and unexpected temporary financial difficulty or emergency that is impeding their degree completion in a timely manner. For more information:

  • Please note that the CMM-MS Program carries a program fee of $50 per credit unit for the duration you are in the program.  For assistance in calculating your tuition and fees, please visit: