Other UA Facilities

University of Arizona Core and Shared Services

The Office for Research & Discovery oversees many shared research facilities. This extensive offering provides faculty, scientists and students with access to not only to the latest instrumentation, but also to experienced staff with expertise in designing and conducting experiments and analyzing data. In addition to high-quality scientific services, many of these facilities also offer training and education.
ORD Research Gateway
Animal technologies, Chemical Analysis, Clinical/Translational Studies, Computing/Visualization, Fabrication, Flow Cytometry, Genomics, Geosciences, Histology & IHC/IF, Media, Pre-clinical & microscopic imaging, Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry Radiation, and Statistical consulting.

Small Animal Phenotyping Core Facility (BIO5 and UAHS)
The objective of the University of Arizona Phenotyping Core (UAPC) is to provide resources to investigate phenotypes of genetically altered mice and small animal models of disease. The UAPC offers investigators full service support of in vivo cardiovascular and physiology studies in normal and diseased states through surgical models, imaging techniques, and functional physiological assessments.

Flow Cytometry Shared Service (UA Cancer Center)
Cell counting, analysis of populations of cells, purify populations of cells by sorting into sub-populations

Cancer Imaging Shared Resource (UA Cancer Center)
Bioluminescence, microCT, image analysis

Research Microscopy Core Service (College of Medicine)
(Please note: Dr. Elliott will be taking leave through the end of 2016.  For assistance with this instrument, please contact Dan Buster dbuster@email.arizona.edu or 520-626-3926).
Deconvolution fluorescence microscopy

TACMASR (UA Cancer Center)

Paraffin histology, tissue microarrays, automated IHC & IF staining

Genomics Shared Resource (UA Cancer Center, SWEHSC)
Microarrays, RNA analysis, sequence analysis

UA Genetics Core (AZ Research Labs, BIO5)
DNA extraction, sequencing, fragment analysis, methylation analysis, RT-PCR, SNPs

Media Facility (BIO5)
Provides microbiological media, plant tissue culture media, buffers, custom mammalian cell culture media, and other formulations tailored to specific research needs

Statistics Consulting Lab (BIO5)
Provides statistical expertise, personnel and computing resources to facilitate study design and conduct, data acquisition protocols, data analysis, and the preparation of grants and manuscripts, as well as adapting and developing new statistical methods to address emerging problems in science and medicine

ORD Imaging Cores- Biomedical Research labs MRI facility (Medical Imaging, AZ Research Labs)
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) instrumentation

Proteomics Facility (ORD)
Expertise and instrumentation for peptide and small molecule mass spectrometry, chromatography, sample preparation, electrophoresis, protein purification, protein assays, and molecular interactions (surface plasmon resonance, SPR)

Microscopy Alliance
The Microscopy Alliance is a collaborative effort to make information about the University’s microscopy core facilities more accessible to users.